Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How did it go last night .....part 3

So, after this argument, and my friend taking his GF's side against me, I was already pissed off.Now a piece of advice, don't try to touch alcohol when you are pissed, even when you are angry. This is coz when you are in either of the states, you have a feeling of rage, which smears your adrenaline contents, after which you forget your limit. Scientifically proved. Now a fact after advice : No one is able to do as per advice in this case.

'Y, shall we start the party?' I wanted to get drunk. That would make me more powerful irrationally, and will be an excuse for whatever i did in night.
'Can you place these sticks on fire.' Y replied.
That was not what i asked for, but i was hungry too. So i placed the sticks stuffed with paneer and chicken pieces on the coal fire i just made. It started the cooking process and the aroma filled the room.
'Aha, tikkas' Q exclaimed, and came to balcony.
'Hi again' i said, wondering if something would have been better to break the ice.
'Hi, what are you upto? You cooking ?'he exclaimed a little more.
'Yeah..NO... i was just... trying..hmm..... just trying'. Why i have to be this way while talking to a girl.
'OK.... so you know how to cook, don't spoil it.' She smiled, mischievously or not, i don't know.
'I'll try, i definitely won't if you help me with it.'Damn, why didn't I do the hotel management course i was being offered.
She smiled again, that lazy smiling machine.'OK, we'll do it together.'
I asked her to keep turning it, and in the meanwhile I went to bring some butter to place on the pieces.And slowly we took out the first round out of fire.
I offered her the first tikka, which she took and tried to eat before she screamed,'It's hot....aaaa....really hot.'
'didn't you know that? it just came out.' don't ever try to make a girl realize her mistake.
I ran off to bring her some water, all i could find was a beer, so i brought that.
'Have some, that will relieve you.' i opened and gave the can to her.
'Oh, thanks....glup glup' and she gulped in a few times.
'be careful, here's one more. and it's warm.' I gave her plate a refill and added mouthful of air blows.Did i brush that day. Yes, i did.
'Aaaahhhhaaaa, just wait for a while' The same noise when you eat something full with chillies.
'err.. if you say so.' I started eating my share and left some to serve inside.
I took the plate inside, Y tasted it. I expected an appreciation, but what I got was more raw material in return. Back on business Mr. chef.
But it was fun making tikkas with Q. I knew her from long, as a not-at-all-close friend. that at-all factor somewhat flew away, after her tongue endured that third degree burn, and I got a beer for relief. Such an irony.
The rest of the gang came, came with more liquor and stuff. Illegal stuff. you got no idea what i am talking about.... oho.... you got an idea..... i knew you pervert.
They started making shots with ganja and sulfa and what all shit(i do not smoke anything except tobacco, these memories are the proof). The party started individually. I mean Y was in kitchen, X was in P's lap, some alpha, beta gammas were on phone, some watching TV and some changing the playlist. I was alone, with Q.
She took one more can, and I made my peg of teacher's. We went to balcony, and waited for the clod breeze, fog and alcohol to show their effects. After 2 cans of beer, Q started to open up (her mind, not clothes yet).
'how long do we know each other' She asked.
'I'll get you a new can' I replied. if you don't listen to what a girl is saying, she is either going to go mad at you or do anything to get your attention. This is a worth taking risk.
'No wait, answer.... no... go get one..... bacardi'
'you sure ? bacardi ?'i said. oooollllaaalllaaa bacardi. i thought.
'I am strong enough to have that' She said posing with her biceps.
'OK, as you wish.'I opened the door for the room.
'Wait, make it double' She tried to give me a tough look.
I bought her a double bacardi (almost triple) and stood with her, taking all the non-sense of the world.
I learnt that she is the youngest one in her family, she was most cared by her father. She wanted to be a painter, and visit europe(hollywood movies effect). But her dad was trying to marry her next year. I wasn't listening to all this, I overheard this while rolling the chicken sticks over bar-be-que.

Wait for the 4 part of this 5 part series. Thanks again for reading.


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  2. Really nice..i read all the parts..so far very good going. Waiting for the next two. Good luck!!

  3. Hi dear , its quite good.I would never know that u have such a great writting skill if you would have not posted it.U used some funniest things and great sense of humour to make it more interesting article.

    I am not much familer with blog's manner but if the whole article comes together ,that would have been more interesting. Naming convention(P,Q) is also not appreciable, because people who was not the part of that event , would not enjoy this naming convention at all. It gives stress on mind everytime to recall P,Q, etc.

    But anyway......Great attempt...i am quite sure u can go longer with PEN.
    Cheers !!!!