Monday, February 8, 2010

How did it go last night .....part 5 of 5

'So you called the police.' The driver with constable stripes asked me.
'Yes sir.i called you up.e tried to snatch my purse and hence I had no option
but to call you.'i replied.
'Snatch your purse, what is there in your purse ?' he asked.
'Nothing much, I was going back home and he was following me. Now he tried to snatch my purse.' What was I speaking.
'you are drunk.' He told something i knew and faced X.
'So, you were trying to snatch his purse ?'He asked X.
The other policeman was feeling sleepy, so he interrupted.
'take both to police station, they will ask all questions' and he yawned like a monkey.
'sit behind, we will see what to do once we reach station.' and the first policeman opened the rear of the Qualis for us to sit.
'Ravi, what are you doing, we will be in trouble. Don't do this.' X told me.
'You asked for it, can't help. I told you to get away.' My alcoholic ego replied.

We sat in the rear of the van, and I thought what can happen. I will file a report, and rest will be seen in court.I too realized that the things have gone too far, but my ego swimming in spirits contradicted this feeling.
We reached the nearest police post, this was for the first time I was in a police station, let alone the incident when I went to raise an FIR for my lost cellphone. That is a Grey place, you won't like to be for any purpose. Those men who are meant to maintain the regulation in society are monsters. you don't believe me, one interaction and you will find out why I say so.
The patrol cops handed us over to a sub-inspector. A young chap, with a face that reflected the disgust of waking up at this hour in night. He looked at us and said 'lock them up, we will see to it in the morning.'
I was shocked, i mean I was the victim(at least I pretended), and I was being locked up.
'sir, I came to file a report.' I told him.
X almost shat in his pants on the lock up thing.
'Sir, we are friends, and there was a small argument between us. I was trying to convince him to get back home as he was drunk, and he called you.' He told to the Sub Inspector.
'You guys think police is a joke. Now convince him in the lockup.It will take out all the liqour from your brain.' He shouted, and the Inspector, who was sleeping in peace in the upper chamber came down. It was the first (and till now the last) time I saw a policeman on duty wearing a lungi and a thermo-vest. Relaxo sandals too, not to mention.
'What is this noise all about.' he asked his junior, rather shouted on him.
The sub-ins told him everything, adding his common sense to make the incident hilarious, it wasn't to me.
'You people think police is joke'He asked the same question. What were they doing a survey ? What percent of India thinks police is a joke.
'No sir.' I said, Yes asshole, I thought.
To add a little more trauma, he said to sub-ins 'get their medical done, charge them for misleading police, and call their parents in the morning.'
'Yes sir.' He looked at us and said silently though his eyes, sorry dudes, you shouldn't have spoiled inspector's sleep.
'Sir, we are sorry, we won't repeat it again.' Me and X pleaded to the inspector.
'Get started, what are you waiting for ?'he commanded sub-ins and left for his room, his relaxo making a chatar-chatar sound.
Now the last hope was the sub-ins. We made the cutest innocent face ever, and tried to seduce (actually convince, but the word doesn't fit in there) him.
'Sir we are sorry, we won't do it again.'We said.
He arranged a fake smile on his face and said, 'yes, I know. you won't.'.
'Now listen, tell me something about yourself While i fill this medical form.' Need we give an interview o be locked up.
X told about himself. It was kind of funny, by the content as well as his expression. I am not writing the content here as that happens to be great story which I'll keep for a later blog.
'And you, Mr. purse keeper.' He glanced me and resumed his form filling.
'Sir, I have my own company of network education....'
'Alcohol education ?' he said and laughed on his disgusted joke.
'sir Network education, information technology, IT, computers' i hinted him with the keywords, so that can imagine something.
'oh, computers' So he finally ot my point.'I also want to buy a computer. For my misses. and kids too.Which one is better ?'
'Sir, you can come with me to Nehru Place and I can get you cheap one, with good configuration.'
'OK, good' And then we talked for next 20 minutes about the computer component. At the end, he learned what is a mouse, keyboard(he kept saying it a keyword) and the monitor. The benefit I got was X was locked up and I went to rest in his room on a chair.This was the only time being in IT helped me.He also told me that we will be left in the morning. That gave me a relief, and considering X doesn't has this vital information gave me a joy.

So this was it for the night. In the morning we were left with a warning not to repeat it again. I made two resolutions that morning. first one was never to touch alcohol. I broke this one that evening itself, the new year's eve. The second resolution was not to speak to X ever again. That one was broken the next Sunday, when I got a call at 6pm.

"Hi man, wassup" X asked.
"nothing much, busy with work" I replied.
"Work... really"
"Kinda, but tell me."
"What are you doing in evening ?"
"Dude, it's already evening."
"I mean night, let's go to Y's place."
"Today, what day is today ?"...................

Thanks a lot for reading all parts. Please leave your valuable comments if I can improve it anyway.

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