Friday, January 29, 2010

How did it go last night .....part 2

So we reached Y's place. It was 7:40, still no ideal time to drink. We stopped for buying some snacks and soda from the nearby shop. The shopkeeper knew us all, as we are regular weekend customers there. We reached upstairs (didn't i tell you that Y lived on 4th floor), that was like climbing Mt. Everest. 'Poor soul' i thought for Y, he has to go through this multiple time everyday, and it is nowhere similar to multiple orgasm (you fitness freak, over worked-out moron!!). We banged the door to a extent that it came out of hinges. That happened almost every weekend, i still wonder why we have to do this when a doorbell was present. It became some kind of ritual to us, for beginning of a soaked up night. We went inside and placed the beers in fridge, so that they can 'chill' (remember, we are still in December). Y came out of kitchen, with spices on his hand, he was the owner, cook, bartender, waiter and watchman of the suite. We rubbed our shoulder with arm patting the back (read hugging, not embracing).
"how have you been man?" I asked. This is my pet dialogue, I am not 'that' good with the queen's language. English is my second language and I am third class in it(yes, i know you got the idea).
"Same old, you tell me what are you up to..... long time dude". Yes, long time, six days three hours, long time indeed.

We went inside and sensed that AC-DC was yelling loudly.... as loudly as the speakers would have permitted. I flexed my muscles so that I can jump and groove on the music, then decided to conserve energy as night was going to be long. Three other guys were there, i didn't knew them well, they did accompany me in these drinking sessions sometime, but still I didn't know them well. I said Hi and changed my phone's profile to vibration, sensing rings won't be audible. I asked Y to change the tracks to linkin park, the only metal I remotely associated myself. He asked me to do it myself and I started fiddling with the computer. Finally I found some songs and made a play list, which everyone appreciated from the beginning. I mean who hates 'smoke on the water' and 'hybrid theory'.

I went to kitchen, it was smelling nice, with spices and chicken being cooked. Y asked me to check the marinated chicken and lit up the coal for bar-be-que in balcony. chicken looked good (as I am not so good at these marination things), so I went to lit up the coal. I took some pieces and kept it on the gas burner to light them up. Once they were red hot, I placed them in the stand and placed a table fan. Slow and steady, I lit up the coal, and it was red, smearing and hot. It is tougher than it sounds here, but as i enjoyed it, and i don't want to spoil your bar-be-que dreams, i am omitting the hard parts.
I came inside to notify everyone about the fire. i shouted a swearing word (a really really bad one) and announced my achieved feat of lighting up the coal. Then I realized P and Q both were there (refer to first post), and made a 'i-didn't-know-you-people-have-arrived' look on my face, and said Hi.
Q smiled back and replied to my Hi, but P made a face which was full of hate and anger. She called Y and yelled, 'you people should behave when girls are around.'
Y tried to negotiate with P, and said some comfy punches (mostly 'honey, i am sorry, he won't repeat again'). He had no idea that this was a bad idea to commit on someone else's gentleman-ness. The night was growing, and with the alcohol intake lined up, so were my animal instincts.

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