Monday, February 8, 2010

How did it go last night .....part 4 of 5

So the conversation continued and we consumed lethal amount of alcohol in process. I told her a lot about me and heard a lot of her. I tend to talk a lot when i am drunk, and become a great counselor of career issues. I think not getting drunk before interviews as left me with this crisis in my own life.
'So, do you have a boyfriend' I asked her. Four pegs of scotch and you are not in position to judge whether the question is appropriate or not.
'Why ?'a question for a question.
'Just asking'. I am a moron, that's why.
'Yes, I do have..... a boyfriend.' She took a pause before the word boyfriend.
'Hmm' And I thought to cut it off there.
'You know Ravi, you aren't supposed to trust anyone' She said looking at the fog.
'True, but why do you say so.'
'Just a piece of advice. Nothing serious.'She was about to cry.I have a great sense towards tears.
'Heyyyy... buzz up. Can I get you a new drink.'I tried to cheer her up.
'Yeah, one more bacardi, double' She took the last sip from her glass and handed it over to me.I went inside to refill it. My Teacher's was lying empty, so I thought of taking bacardi for me too. I went back to the lonely woman, with two highly toxic glasses.
'here you go'i handed her glass to her.
We sat near the fire and took out the sticks, kept some for ourselves and called Y to take it inside. He came, saw us together and gave a you-are-a-lucky-bastard looks and went inside.
'try these, i am getting perfection in each new set.' I started having a chicken piece.
'it's still hot, my tongue is still burning.'she took a piece and started cooling it.
'Letme see your tounge.' I swear it just came, no specific intentions were there at that moment. I really swear.
I had a close look of her mouth. And when you are close to a girl,close to her lips, you tend to arose, and in that drunken condition, i wasn't able to control myself. I kissed her. Her eyes closed and i took her into a hug, still kissing her. And then i freed my lips and asked her 'What if your boyfriend comes to know about it.'Who on earth asks this to a girl, at least when you are kissing.
'I don't care, shut up.' She said and we kissed again.
Now before I move to further events, I should tell you that I like a girl, who, doesn't like me that 'way'.We are just friends in her pretext, still I love her. If you deduced, I already know that I am a maniac. So back to the story.
I suddenly realized the fact stated above and freed myself once again.
'Hey, I'm sorry, but I can't do this.' I looked down and said to her.
'What happened ?'she asked as if she realized she had a bad breath.
'Hi, I have a girlfriend, I mean technically we are just friends, but I like her and can't do this.' I was actually drunk, trust me.
'OK, i am sorry too, we shouldn't have done that.' She looked guilty, what were we doing .....killing someone ?
'Let's finish off this peg and get one more.' I said and emptied my glass in one go.
'Hmm'She tried and puked later. I left her alone in bathroom and thought of going inside to get one more peg. What a party it would have been,great alcohol, nice babe and terrifying sex.... what a party it is now, still great alcohol, puking babe, no sex. I tried to open the door but it was locked from inside. I knocked it. Later I realized that X and P were making out. Their bad luck, the only way out from balcomy was that room, and I was in serious need of one more shot.I banged the door again.
'Can you wait for five monutes' X shouted.
'No, I want a drink, and i want it right now' I replied.I wanted to play a simple prank to ruin their plan. I know you all are thinking 'lol'.
'Bro, try to understand' He shouted back, with thumps acting as a background music.
'I want it right now, you try to understand as well.'
And we shouted at each other for thirty more seconds without conclusion. My luck, in between this, P got mad at X.
'X, leave it, I don't want to do it anymore.' I imagined her getting off the bed and putting on her clothes.X opened the door after two odd minutes. In the meanwhile Q came out of bathroom and showed me her empty glass and dropped it off the railing.
'No more alcohol for me.' I undergo this puking trauma on a once in a month basis.
'Happy now ?' He gave me that unsatisfied disgusted look.
'Yeah' I smiled to annoy him a little more and went inside to make my shot and exchanging words with everyone else. X came inside and he was angry. I made that out by what he said to me.
'I hate you calling me my friend, I did all this, arranged this party and ruined my evening' saying so, he went back to the room. I shouldn't have thought of it, with my then-incapable brain, but i did and changed the course of the night.
'I hate you too' I taunted back.
'Get lost you asshole.' came the reply.
'Fair, I am leaving. by the way, how much you pay to this girl for one night.' That was wrong, i know. But i didn't realize it at that moment.
P heard this too, i don't know how she felt about it, but she never spoke to me afterward till now.
I finished my glass, and headed towards the exit door. Y tried to stop me, but I went off. After reaching ground floor I realized that I was about 18 km from home, and I took a ride in X's car to reach here, so no more transport for back home. I decided to walk. Then lit a cigarette, that helps me think better. By then, X realized that I was his responsibility, as he brought me here. He came down to take me back to my place.
'Hey Ravi, Let's go back.'
'Get lost, I can go home on my way.'
'You don't have a vehicle.'This conversation continued for another fifteen minutes.Finally I got agitated to my limit(small limit of course) and gave him the final warning.
'I will mange ,get lost, else I'll call the police.'
'Call the police for what ?'
'I'll see to that later, don't press me.'
'You want to call, you can call.'This was a blunder X made that evening, Challenging a man who likes it a lot. I dialed 100 from my phone without thinking anything.
'Delhi Police, control room.'
'Hi, I am calling from..' I looked at a shop's banner and told the address.
'Thank you for the location, How can we help you ?' They weren't so polite, I just modified this dialogue a bit.
'someone is trying to snatch my purse here on road.please send a PCR'
'OK, we will send you a PCR asap.'
I ended the call and asked X to go away, which he refused.
And within five minutes, I saw a PCR stopping the place where we were standing.

Thanks for reading, I'm working on part 5.

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