Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary my Enfield !!!!

I got this beauty about 2 years back. And with each day, i loved it more.. and more... and more, can't say the same about the girls in my life, or chocolate muffins, my coin collection and anything else.... The Thump gets better day by day, and the machine grows in you....

You can’t get much more authentic than a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 (people with 500 variant, I envy you all...). Practically every bit of it is solid metal with a chromed, painted or brushed finish. Its fenders are worthy of the name and the golden pinstripes hand-painted. It’s not a restored classic, but a new machine – one of around one million that have rolled out of the factory in the Indian city of Madras since 1955. It has the charm of classical strength, and the marvels which modern technology can donate.

Yet that doesn’t make starting her any easier, as the Indian beauty with the English genes is being uncooperative. Starting the bike soon becomes a meditative ritual. Everything ready? Choke? Check. Fuel tap? Check. Kickstarter in the correct position? Check. Gear? A glance down to the pointer on the gearbox cover: Check. Wait – a quick look at the spark plug: wet, from my previous attempts. But now – a deep breath, focus, and kick! The 350cc single shudders, spits and rumbles to life. A smooth tickover? for the entire duration of a red light at the busiest intersection in town.

With its modest 22 horsepower, the Bullet won’t be blowing away any Porsches. And yet, it inspires a sense of enlightenment, leaving you time for continuous new discoveries along your regular routes. The constant urge to pass is soon replaced by a sense of inner focus – gentle, peaceful biking zen. Out on the open road, the Bullet gradually inches up to its Vmax of 120 km/h, the speedo needle bouncing in time to the good vibrations.

And that leaves you wishing.... that you can say your machine that.... Will you marry me ??

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  1. yayaya!!!! like like my thunderbird kal only sir nd m in love wid it....feels gr8 2b d part of d ROYAL ENFIELD LEGACY !!!