Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tech Mahindra Limited – “A place with full of politics; It's full stop to your career growth”

Tech Mahindra Limited (India): (Current Employee)


Nice place to sit in cafeteria and spend your time
Flexible in timings of working hours
Cultural events
If you are a senior manager and above here, then you are settled. No need to work all.
All poor people from 3 yrs to 10 yrs experience will fight within themselves and work like hell in order to get a good appraisal. And finally you don't need to give them good appraisal; give some crap and promise that they will be recognized in the next appraisal. Keep doing the same until they leave the company. Continue the same logic for new employees. This is our Mantra!!!


you join as a fresher in this company with 2.6 lakhs per annum.
And after 10 years you resign from the company as a senior technical associate with the salary 5.8 lakhs per annum. Considerably good growth. But I don't see this as a negative point because these 10 yrs you simply did some crap work nobody cared. Now, you don't have any technical skills, but you can do some crap work on whatever project you are assigned to. so you cannot move out of the company; also the company do not leave you. it's a sentimental employer-employee association.

On the other hand, the important disadvantage or issue here is:
Now you are a 10 yrs experienced person with 5.8 lakhs salary and your title is sr.tech associate.
But at the same time another guy joins your team with 4 yrs experience with 8.2 lakhs salary and with the title same sr.tech associate. Now the ego starts. you both fight each other. spoil the environment. management also encourages this because only when there is a competition, employees work well. So totally every employee loses peace of mind.

Advice to Senior Management

completely revise all your crap policies.
change the organization hierarchy.
tg1, tg2, tg3, etc., it's crap.
a person needs to wait nearly 5 yrs for promotion and gets frustated.
think something like tg1.5, tg1.8, tg2, tg2.5, tg2.8, tg3.0
i'm not literally meaning that. but some gradual growth.
make sure your key technical resource and a fresher do not have similar salaries and similar titles.
i often saw freshers with title technical associate and very very important key resource with the same title. then how will you satisfy the poor ego of human beings?? obviously there is much politics. Senior management never cared about this. appraisal system is crap. promotion is completely based on your immediate manager. if your immediate manager is a fraud, then your life is ruined out. performance measurement mechanism should be changed. team work should be encouraged instead of individual performance which leads to ego issues and spoils environment.

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