Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Farewell to a friend.... RIP Sankalp sir !!!!!

The rotors went on, the blades dying, using their own momentum in attempt to bury themselves in ground. They couldn't take the shame of taking a precious life of a son, a friend, a brother, moreover a decent human. Earth retaliated, blades broke. All the energy from unlimited sources of physics was converted into an impact and sound. That didn't move the earth, but it did change the world for few.

We need to build millions of little moments of caring on an individual level. Sankalp sir truly believed in this. The quivering voice, the always calm face, those kind eyes, the hilarious comments, you name a quality and you can feel the hint of it there. A good chopper pilot, a better human!

I met him long back, in NDA. A year senior to us, he belonged to our over-study course. Despite very little interaction due to his composed nature, he happened to be the safest senior. Always ready to listen, and always helpful. Time went by, they passed out from academy, i broke from the stream and went to civil world. Then I saw him on Face-book. Added him and gradually spoke to him. It is amazing to talk to anyone from Sqn, you can feel the warmth with each word exchanged. The memories come flying by, making you smile without reason. Without reason is reason enough.

He told that he is in Siliguri. I just knew it's somewhere in east. He told it was fun being there. He was also planning for a leave, and promised to meet me once he passes from Delhi. It never happened, he left, without passing from Delhi.

On 11-Sep-2010, a Chetak helicopter started it's engine. It seemed to be a nice day for a air lift. Flight was going to last 90 minutes.The chopper was on its way to Baghdogra air base from air force station Kalaikunda in West Bengal when it encountered bad weather and crashed near Sinharsi air base along the border of Pakur and Godda districts of Jharkhand.

And that ended a life full with life. As the spirit dissolved in thin air, Sankalp sir left us.


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  1. Sankalp was not a person , he is a feeling , a feeling of love, which cannot be expressed in words. He is a gentle air with a soothing effect and nobody could remain untouched in his company. His death may depart his body but his memories will cherish in our hearts forever and ever .. He is a never ending episode of our life.